Fun in the Office

2014 Christmas Card/ Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Meeting, Anaheim California  

The Office stayed at the Anaheim Hilton for the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Continuing Education Meeting. Dr. Trotter attends over 25 hours of continuing education every year. 

2013 Christmas Card/ Palos Verdes Stables 


We went Cowboy for our 2013 Christmas Card. The Palos Verdes Stables were gracious enough to

let us take our picture there.

2012 Christmas Card/ The Bull Pen

For Halloween 2012, we all dressed up as flappers and Dr. Trotter as the hopeless gangster. What

better place to have lunch than the Bull Pen, a local landmark near our office.

2011 Christmas Card/ Riviera Little League Baseball Field

For Halloween 2011, we all dressed up with a baseball theme, with Dr. Trotter being the blind (nice glasses!) umpire! If you are ever at the Riviera Little League Baseball Field, you can check out Dr. Trotter's banner in the outfield. (Top to bottom: Rachel, Connie, Rhona, Barb, JoDee, and Kellie)

2010 Christmas Card/ Hilton Hawaiian Village Lagoon

In October of 2010, the office returned to Hawaii for the PCSO Meeting where Doctor Trotter finished his year as Immediate-Past President of the California Association of Orthodontists. Pictured are Rachel, JoDee, Connie, Kellie, and Rhona.

2009 Christmas Card/ Dr. Trotter's Backyard

Rhona, JoDee, Rachel, Dr. T, Barb, Kellie, Connie 

2008 Christmas Card/ Palm Springs

Dr. Trotter was elected President of the California Association of Orthodontists at the 2008 Meeting in Palm Springs.

2007 Christmas Card/Halloween

A GREAT looking Staff on a great looking car!!!

Dr. Trotter lookin' the 50's part at the Redondo Beach Ruby's Restaurant!!!

2006 Christmas Card

This photo was taken at the 2006 Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontist's Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii. We decided that it was so good that we'd use it for our Christmas card (yes, that is Dr. Trotter's head next to the coconut)!

2005 Christmas Card

In October of 2005, we all dressed up as Indians. Of course, Dr. Trotter was tied to the stake. Do you recognize Wilderness Park?

2004 Christmas Card

For Halloween of 2004, we dressed up as biker people. Rat and Redondo Beach are in the background.


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